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Failure Analysis

Time:2019-09-24 Views:3353


       Cause analysis



No sound in buzzer


1The buzzer is broken

Change a buzzer




There is abnormal sound in relay during work


1Network voltage is over low or seriously fluctuated

Suggest adopting a voltage stabilizer

Generally, this fault usually occurs when the voltage of phase line is lower than 170V

2The network power line is thin, power capacity is insufficient

The machine is recommended to use more than a single 2.5 square power cord


3Relay is broken

Change it


There is alarm of water shortage

1Water level in sterilizer is low

Check the water level, or replenish it in time;


2Level indicator is damaged

Change it


3Affected by damaged relay

Replace the relay


Pressure is unreachable to safe value after venting

1Vent valve is blocked

Clear away impurities or change a vent valve


2Pressure gauge breaks down

Change it


Green light and red light are flickering alternatively

1Water level of sterilizer changes between sufficient or insufficient

Stop to work, cut off the power, and add to the suitable level