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We are an industrial corporation integrating R&D and manufacture. The leading products are medical sterilizing equipment and laboratory equipment, and this series of products have filled the gap in Anhui Province. Over years of development, products have been bestselling at home and abroad, laying a solid foundation for enterprise development. We make the following guidelines in order to develop the enterprise better and bigger in the future:

I. Strengthen reserve of talents: Talent is the soul of enterprise development. We must vigorously introduce talents in term of management, technology and marketing, and are sure of appointing talents by ability, letting capable people promoted, mediocre people subordinated, and incapable people eliminated. The future market competition is talent competition. Talent must be placed in the first for the development of a large enterprise. We should respect, value and well employ talents.

II. Strengthen enterprise management: Management means to manage people, which is people-oriented, and highlights core force of people. We should carry out the thought of honoring to develop the enterprise and shaming on decline of enterprise, and form the impregnable enterprise culture. We stress learning of cultural courses and skill training to cadres and staff, normalize the management system, adjust the management mechanism, enhance the execution potency, implement 7S management standard, and introduce and absorb the internationally advanced management system to form a set of suitable management system. We should really perform a virtuous management system from production, manufacture, marketing to after-sales service, escorting for our rapid development.

III. Enhance quality management: Quality is the life of enterprise, and all manufacturing industry should regard it as the supreme tenet. To perform excellent pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales services of products mainly requires the high quality of products besides the effective marketing mechanism, therefore we should establish the strict quality management system throughout production of products, subdivide each process to each point which is inspected with specific standard and sample, and realize the systematic engineering management. We should well complete all parts no matter customers can see or cannot see, really consider all for customers, and take them as God! The quality consciousness should be instilled into everyone’s mind. Everyone seeks and pays attention to quality; only by this way we can get 100% product quality, and offer high-grade products for customers.

IV. Enhance technology development: How can an enterprise develop eternally? Innovation is the most important. We must launch innovative products continuously, target at the international market to introduce high technology and high value-added products at home and abroad, and form the advance development awareness of being unique and better than others, and lead the development of industry and market. Innovation is the absolute principle for our sustainable development.

V. Reinforce market expanding: Market is fundamental to production. One good product should deserve a potential market. Through seven years of struggles, we have occupied certain of market shares at home and abroad, but this is far enough. We must consolidate old market and expand new market with strategic insight, especially expand the international market. We should attract high-quality marketing talents, develop at the international market like an eagle, control the market trends and seize each opportunity, tackle all unexpected difficulties, and launch products out each corner of the world.

The five points above are the development guideline that we are performing now, which should be established, perfected, infused and penetrated gradually, and executed absolutely, then enterprise can develop all the time!

We can build a time-honored enterprise only with firm confidence!